Narrative Driven Wargaming

In the world of digital combat simulations, where strategy meets storytelling and camaraderie reigns supreme, this cooperative DCS campaign unfolds like an epic tale on the virtual battlefield. Gone are the days of just flying solo, or an endless dogfight without purpose, these campaigns are more like a modern RPG but instead of being set on the tabletop with dice it’s set in DCS with actual players flying the aircraft, being Air Battle Managers, Air Traffic Controllers, and even legal counsel. This isn’t your grandpa’s hex and counter.

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Second Front : Review

Few unreleased games over the years have kept my interest and excitement as Second Front has. Published by Microprose and developed by Hexdraw, it combines the best of solid gameplay, historical accuracy, and move of all, fun. It’s all wrapped into a UI that is delightfully refreshing in the genre. This will be, without a doubt, a true classic of wargaming.

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Simulating the Sinking of the Moskva

On 14 April, 2022, a pair of Ukrainian Neptune ASM missiles struck the Moskva, fatally wounding the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and leading to her demise hours later.* How is it that a warship fitted with an able and capable SAM system, CIWS (close in weapons system), in a war zone, can be knocked out with so little difficulty? Lets model this in CMO and see what it looks like.

“*” – Actual details murky, we’ll try to address that.

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Command Modern Operations : Droning on About Drones 1

Like the rest of the world I’ve been watching the terrible situation in Ukraine. Every day I’m incensed by the violence perpetrated by the Russians, and inspired by the courage of the Ukrainians defending their country. It is surreal to watch, almost in real time, as a modern war unfolds. Today we’re going to look at the use of civilian grade drones in CMO.

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Where is the Digital Wargame Renaissance?

For several hours over 150 people watched a gentleman wax poetically on the state of table top war games, and occasionally clip the corners on counters. It’s almost routine to watch someone un-box a board war game and loving display the counters, map, even the manual. Twitter is filled with folks gushing over game design, board layout, and how well Verdun is modelled on the table top. So where is the digital equivalent of this? And why is the board wargame seeing such a resurgence?

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Campaign Series Vietnam Q4 2021

Get ready to crank the Creedence Clearwater Revival, roll a doob, and slap a peace sticker on your pot. Campaign Series Vietnam is looking at a Q4 2021 release. Information is sparse but there’s some dev blogs that we’ll highlight below the break so you can get your Vietnam groove on.

Edit : Release date of January 20, 2022.

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