Rule the Waves 2 Expansion : Ironclads to Missile Cruisers

The fine folks over at NWS have announced the first expansion to Rule Waves 2 and it will cover from 1890 all the way to 1970. In addition they will be enhancing the modern aspects of jets, ASM’s, night air operation, along with a whole host of related improvements. On top of this is a “refurbishment” of the submarine system. One of the more interesting additions is a persistent ship history.

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The Strategy Gamer Podcast #3 : Rule the Waves

In Episode #3 we discuss the NWS Wargaming Classic Rule The Waves.  My guest for this show is The Happy Hedonist. This game is a masterclass in innovative design and fun game play that trumps those little details like UI design or modern flow. All kidding aside it really is a great game, as long as you know what you’re getting into. On one hand it’s a naval design simulator and on the other hand a fairly detailed pre-carrier era combat simulator.

You get to be your own Jackie Fisher and take a navy of your choice through the pre-dreadnought era all the way through the 1920’s.

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An audio artifact created some distortion. This episode might be a bit crunchy. Episode 4 is back on path with the smoothness.

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