Command Modern Air Naval Operations : Custom Overlays & Campaign Overlays

This has been superseded by the instructions here : as GMAPS is not really available.

Out of the box CMANO uses a map set known as SRTM 30 Plus. This is an open repository from the USGS with tiled data from across the globe. It’s great for CMANO on a macro scale, but what if we want to get right in and see individual target points? What if we want to do it on existing campaign scenarios? Luckily it’s not too hard! A caveat, this won’t work for the standalone versions, you need the full version of CMANO with the editor.

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CMANO : Barents Sea Boomers

Command Modern Air Naval Operations is a unique wargame unlike anything else out there. Instead of fighting an arcane interface or poorly designed structure we have a fairly simple interface overlaid on top of a deep and vibrant simulation. CMANO is agnostic to a theater or area. In fact it is very friendly to scenarios from 1946 all the way to 2030+. But for now we’ll be looking at the Northern Inferno campaign, specially Barents Sea Boomers.

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