How’s it Going Second Front?

Second Front has a very fluid and open design process that is well displayed on the Microprose Discord channel. If you’re not using it, well, I’d really recommend it. Every few days Jo, the developer, posts some screenshots or a gif, or some other little tidbit. Check out below for a collection of his most recent hits. I’m really excited for this one, he looks to have combined the right aspects with a UI that is spot on. Grog devs take note.

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Weapons Release : A New Hope

Back in 2017 I set started TheStrategyGamer as a gaming blog to cover some more niche games and offer guides that the average game site doesn’t touch. Even today my tutorials on Gary Grigsby’s games are the top hits. Fast Forward a few years and I want to differentiate myself from the generic name I once picked.

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Command : Modern Operations – Birth of a Scenario Part 2

Sweden. 1990. It’s been two weeks since the Soviet Union invaded Germany. The world holds its breath as it wonders who will use nuclear weapons first. West of Fulda the US 1st Armored Division halted the advancing Soviet Guards Divisions with incredible losses. The 82nd Airborne in coordination with the British Parachute Regiment have, against all odds, held northern Denmark.

The Soviets, needing to knock out Norway and Denmark, look to open a new front.

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