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By default CMANO does not include unit images. You must download an image pack from the Warfare Sims website.
Once you have downloaded the pack extract it into the '''../db/images/''' folder in your install location. The game is broken into two distinct databases, one for the Cold War (CWDB) and the modern database (DB3000). It is recomended that you download both.
===Missing Units===
The image pack is not 100% complete and you may find certain images missing or a placeholder in its stead.
# Find your image and resize to under 1000 px. Some images currently in the images directory are 320 X 160 or 640 X 320.
# Name your image the type followed by an underscore and then the database ID number. For example
## A ship with a database ID of 375 would be '''ship_375'''.
## A submarine with a database ID of 262 would be '''submarine_262'''.
## A SAM installation with a database ID of 311 would be '''facility_311'''.
## An aircraft with a database ID of 77 would be '''aircraft_77'''.
# Copy the image to the appropriate folder, DB3000 for modern aircraft and CWDB for Cold War database.
There is also an added description pack found at the above Warfare Sims link. It adds a technical description to some of the database entries. It follows the same naming scheme as the images do but are saved as a .txt file.

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