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Weapons release authorization determines how much ordnance you fire at what, by how many units. At the side level you may set the WRA specifications for each weapons system. As with other doctrine items you may set it for each unit, group, or mission.

  • Target Type : This is the target type. You can define more ordnance for a runway or less for a hangar.
  • Weapons per Salvo : This is how many rounds your aircraft will use for each salvo. For many types of ordnance you can define either how many rounds or a certain amount of ordnance to defeat enemy defenses. For certain types of ordnance you may find all of your aircraft firing at the exact same revetment. In that case reduce the quantity of weapons per salvo from a missile defense value to something like 2 rounds per salvo.
  • Shooters per Salvo : This defines how many shooters engage a particular target. For many types of ammunition it is a single unit, but sometimes you'll see fire enough weapons to fulfill weapons per salvo requirement so again you end up shooting a thousand rockets at a single revetment.
  • Automatic Firing Range : Determines when you fire your salvo.
  • Self Defense : Defines the range at which a weapon is used for self defense.