They Shall Not Pass

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They Shall Not Pass is a large scale scenario in The Silent Service where the player takes command of all NATO submarine forces in the East Atlantic at the outset of World War 3. Using SOSUS to provide initial datums, the player must manage finite resources to destroy the major threat to NATO's Sea Lines of Communication; Soviet guided missile submarines.

Screenshot from the beginning of They Shall Not Pass

Hints & Tips[edit]

  • Prioritise Soviet SSG and SSGN submarines as your main targets. The Juliette class SSGNs are slow, noisy and have poor sensors--they're also worth lots of points.
  • Use the sprint-drift setting for your submarines to cover ground quickly while maintaining situational awareness
  • In a large scenario such as this, it is often a good choice to use the Auto-Attack (F1) command rather than try to manage numerous simultaneous intercepts manually
  • Soviet AGIs are low priority targets, but can make easy targets for submarine launched Harpoons and Tomahawk Anti-Ship Missiles (TASMs)

Easter Eggs[edit]

  • There is a water mark and morse code alluding to a famous secret society in the briefing
  • Many of the names of merchant vessels featured in this scenario are references to popular culture