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Side Doctrine is the highest level of settings for a side. Units, by default, will follow this doctrine. Beneath this in hierarchy are separate doctrines for units or different missions.

For example :

Side : US Air Force
Facility : Elmendorf Air Base
Mission : Strike Mission
Unit : Striker #7

All units on the US Air Force side will follow the side doctrine. A facility, Elmendorf Air Base (or a carrier group) could have it's very own doctrine. Then a mission originating from that facility may have it's own doctrine. A unit, part of that mission, that launched from that base, can also have it's very own doctrine. At the bottom of the doctrine menu you will see various options to reset a unit or mission from the Side Doctrine.

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Doctrine is composed of four main tabs.

  1. General
  2. EMCON Settings
  3. Weapons Release Authorization Settings
  4. Withdraw and Redeploy


The General menu