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SHORAD stands for SHOrt Range Air Defense and comprises anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) guns and short ranged--often man-portable--surface to air missiles (SAMs) like the US FIM-92 Stinger and Russian (ex-Soviet) 9K32 Strela-2 [NATO: SA-7 Grail].


SHORADs are typically employed as point-defences around important targets, and as organic air defence for most ground forces in battalion or greater strength.

Typical Characteristics[edit]

While there are a large variety of SHORAD systems and their capabilities vary from system to system, the following table is a good representation of typical engagement envelopes for some common SHORAD systems.

System Max. Range (nm) Min. Altitude (ft) Max. Altitude (ft) Max. Tgt. Speed (kt)
35mm AAA 1.0 0 6,100 Nil
40mm AAA 1.2 0 7,300 Nil
FIM-92 Stinger 3.0 200 16,000 700
9K32 Strela-2 2.0 160 5,000 550

Considering the above data in order to remain above the engagement envelopes of most AAA it is recommended to maintain an altitude greater than 8,000ft above ground level (AGL). To remain above the engagement envelope of SHORAD SAMs it is recommended to maintain an altitude of 18,000ft AGL or greater.