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With NATO-Soviet tensions on teetering point after the sinking of HMS Ashanti ( Northern Inferno ) the NATO formation STANAVFORLANT [Standing Naval Forces, Atlantic] begins patrolling the GUIK [Greenland-Iceland-United Kingdom] Gap, along with MPA [Marine Patrol Aircraft] from Norway and Keflavik. If war breaks out these forces, aided by the SOSUS network, are all that stands between Soviet submarines and the convoys...

Tips and Tricks[edit]

The player as NATO has access to the SOSUS [[[Sound Surveillance System]]] underwater listening array. This will detect all Soviet submarines moving through the GUIK gap, however this will also detect many biologicals [that is animals living in the sea]. SOSUS will eventually automatically filter these out. It should be noted however that SOSUS can not give truly precise targets, it is recommended to use shipborne helicopters and ASW [Anti-Submarine Warfare] aircraft on ASW patrols to hunt and kill these submarines.

The player has access to both conventional and nuclear munitions [and the authorization to use both once the Soviet side becomes hostile]. The player should keep in mind the area of effect of the nuclear weapons to ensure they do not destroy NATO vessels by accident. For this reason it is recommended to use nuclear-armed aircraft to attack submarines positioned far from NATO vessels whilst using conventionally-armed ones to attack targets close to NATO vessels.

Orders Of Battle[edit]

NATO [Player] Order Of Battle[edit]

Andøya Air Base:

Keflavik Naval Air Station:

NAVFACS Iceland:

  • Bottom Fixed Arrays:SOSUS
  • Keflavik [ACINT SOSUS Station]

TU 603.01.01:

  • FGS Lubeck [Type F120 Frigate]
  • HMCS Algonquin [DDH 280 Iroquois]
    • Algonquin Flt #1 [CH-124A Heltas]
    • Algonquin Flt #2 [CH-124A Heltas]
  • USS Mispillion [AO 105 Mispillion]

TU 603.01.02:

  • NRP Almirante Coutino [F472 Almirante Pereria da Silva]
  • USS MacDonough [DDG 37 Farragut]

TU 603.01.03:

  • HMCS Fraser [DDH 205 St. Laurent]
    • Fraser Flt #1 [CH-124A Heltas]
  • HNoMS Bergen [F300 Oslo]

TU 603.01.04:

  • HMS Bacchante [F 109 Leander [Type 12I Leander Batch 1]]
    • Bacchante Flt #1 [Wasp HAS.1]
  • HNLMS Van Nes [F 802 Van Speijk]
    • Van Nes Flt #1 [Wasp AH-12A]

Various land units:

  • Bunker [ACINT SOSUS Station]
  • Bunker [ACINT SOSUS Station]
  • Bunker [COMINT/ELINT Station]
  • Bunker [COMINT Station]
  • Bunker [COMINT Station]
  • Bunker [Nadge CRC] [Bunker [Sector Control Station]]
  • Faroes RP [Radar [Type 84 Linesman]]
  • H-1 Hofn AFS Rockville [AN/FPS-20] [Radar [AN/FPS-20A]]
  • H-2 Langanes AFS Radar [AN/FPS-20] [Radar [AN/FPS-20A]]
  • H-3 Hofn AFS Radar [AN/FPS-20] [Radar [AN/FPS-20A]]
  • H-4 Latrar AFS Radar [AN/FPS-20] [Radar [AN/FPS-20A]]
  • RAF Saxa Vord [Type 84 Linesman]
  • Reykjavik Airport
  • Radar [AN/FPS-6A HF] x 4
  • Radar [AN/FPS-110] x 2
  • Radar [Coastal] [Radar [Generic Surface Search Radar]] x 8
  • Radar [Globus I [Creek Maid/ELINT Station]]
  • Radar [Globus I [EO/IR/ELINT Station]]
  • Radar [S-244 HF] x 6
  • Radar [S-266] x 3
  • Radar [S-600 Gapfiller] x 2

Soviet Order Of Battle:[edit]

  • B-61 [PL-611 Zulu IV]
  • B-62 [PL-611 Zulu IV]
  • B-94 [PL-641 Foxtrot]
  • B-95 [PL-641 Foxtrot]
  • K-5 [PL-627A November [Kit]]
  • K-43 [PLARK-670 Charlie I [Skat]]
  • K-156 [PLRK-651 Juliett]
  • K-387 [PLA-671RT Victor II [Syomga]]
  • S-43 [PL-613 Whiskey V]
  • S-80 [PL-613 Whiskey V]
  • Kosmos 699 [EORSAT [US-P]]

Olengorsk [Naval Bomber Base]

  • 5th Maritime Recon Rgt: [Tu-95RT Bear D] x 3
  • Tu-95RT Bear D x 2