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At the very basic level we have a map view with a range of icons to give us information about a tactical situation. Default uses NTDS + NATO APP6 icons however you may also choose to use stylized, or directional stylized icons.

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Stylized Icons

Command 2018-04-07 16-11-28.png

Directional Stylized Icons

Choose whichever is easiest for you to understand. In the above example we have a task force of hostiles naval units. Red units are hostile, yellow is unknown, green is friendly, blue is yours. This group has taken some damage.

  1. Looks the worst out of the group. The top red bar shows us damage. The lower red bar tells us about fires, and the bottom bar is for flooding. Naval surface vessels are actually fairly tough to sink and require a good deal of damage to go down. This one likely suffered some severe damage to topside systems. You may also click the unit and get as much data as you know about it in the upper right. We also see the course, speed, and time in seconds since last definitive contact.
  2. Is a full strength unit. Undamaged.
  3. Is also a full strength unit and in the lead.

If I were to suddenly lose contact we would see a ring of uncertainty grow around them. This shows you how far that unit may have gone from when you last detected it. Sometimes this uncertainty is due to you being unable to get a solid signal fix on the unit.

Sometimes you'll know the position of something even without having eyes (or radar) on it. This might assume you know the physical location of a unit or airbase and can be defined by the scenario designer.

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Naval Units[edit]

Command 2018-04-07 16-31-07.png
  1. The first unit says JAM above it. This means the unit actively using OECM.
  2. This unit has a yellow square with a black rectangle in it. It is hosting a unit such as a helicopter, plane, or UUV.
  3. CAV will let you know that the unit is cavitating. For a sub this is very very bad, less so for a fast surface ship.
  4. Finally we see some sonobuoys. The arrow denotes if it is listening above the layer or below the layer.
Command 2018-04-07 17-00-13.png
  1. Our missile is inbound and is being JAMMED by the target vessels.
  2. We see a list of signals emitting from each contact along with JAMMER.
  3. The yellow arc is the search arc for our ship to ship missile.

Air Units[edit]

Command 2018-04-07 16-35-19.png
  1. Flight Angry87 is flying at 350 and 36000 ft. The course is denoted by the lines coming from the planes as well as the degree marker. The grey bar beneath the unit is for fuel. The green bar above is for health. With the release of Chains of War aircraft damage is modeled and this is very important to keep track of.
  2. The rings are for weapon ranges. Red is for air weapons. The closer orange is for land weapons. You can get a refresher by clicking on Map Settings on the menu bar.
  3. This reference point was created when a vampire, or guided missile, appeared. I wanted to track the position so I just right-clicked on it and hit Mark Position. That way I have a reference for sub hunting.