Add New Mission CTL-F11

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This is the first step for creating various missions. Strike missions can be created without selecting anything while Patrol missions and Support missions require a reference point to be selected. You can also reach this menu from the Mission Editor.


  1. Select a name. For missions with a high density of missions it behooves you to name them intelligently. Names like Strike.F18.CBU is much more useful than Hornet112. Later on all of your missions will be sorted by type or scheme.
  2. Select a class. This will determine if you generate a list of targets for a strike mission or if a patrol zone is being created. As noted above a patrol mission requires reference points.
  3. Select a type. Air Intercept strikes will engage aerial targets but ignore ships. Land strikes will focus on ground targets and ignore naval targets.
  4. Set your status. If you want it to happen now, leave it active, if you schedule it later, change this to inactive.
  5. Set activation time. At this date and time the mission will go active. If your mission is already set active this isn't needed.
  6. Set de-activation time. Not always necessary.
  7. Leave Open Mission Editor Window checked. This will take you to into the Mission Editor menu to finish setting up your mission.