Narrative Driven Wargaming

In the world of digital combat simulations, where strategy meets storytelling and camaraderie reigns supreme, this cooperative DCS campaign unfolds like an epic tale on the virtual battlefield. Gone are the days of just flying solo, or an endless dogfight without purpose, these campaigns are more like a modern RPG but instead of being set on the tabletop with dice it’s set in DCS with actual players flying the aircraft, being Air Battle Managers, Air Traffic Controllers, and even legal counsel. This isn’t your grandpa’s hex and counter.

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7 of the Greatest Games I Never Play

On December 8th, 2015 I purchased War in the Pacific Admirals Edition from the Matrix store. In the 5 years since I’ve probably logged less than 4 hours playing the game. But I’ve spent countless hours following others as they dash across the Pacific, engage in daring battleship raids, and hunt for the elusive Tokyo Bay Fortress. WitP is not alone, there are many games I love to see others play but loathe to dig into myself.

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Command Ops 2 : Manhay Crossroads (Beta AI)

Manhay Mayhem

A quick playthrough from Command Ops 2 base game, the Manhay Crossroads scenario. I’m playing from the Allied side. This was first posted on the new ConSimWorld website. They’ve made some big improvements compared to the 1997 webdesign that the site previously had. But here’s some Manhay Mayhem! Also worth noting, this is the new Tactical AI and it is brutal.

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