Campaign Series Vietnam Q4 2021

Get ready to crank the Creedence Clearwater Revival, roll a doob, and slap a peace sticker on your pot. Campaign Series Vietnam is looking at a Q4 2021 release. Information is sparse but there’s some dev blogs that we’ll highlight below the break so you can get your Vietnam groove on.

Edit : Release date of January 20, 2022.

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Cardboard Games Made Digital

Lately I’ve had three games on my mind. Two are firmly in the digital space and one is in the cardboard space. War in the East 2, Pavlov’s House, and No Retreat. Comparing and contrasting has made me look at boardgames of years past, what the future may hold, and does a black box of stats engage one more than transparent gameplay?

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Command Ops 2 : Delay and Withdraw Tutorial

The Delay and Withdraw commands offer an important, and very different, way for your forces to disengage and delay the enemy. In both cases you rely on the AI to determine the best way to operate, and this is a good thing! If you play with any sort of orders delay you allow your AI-HQ to properly operate without being micromanaged. This is a feature unique to CO2 that I haven’t seen in other games and is really worth using.

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