Multiplayer CMO : Shoot your friends!

Command : Modern Operations PE has been the sole source of multiplayer for the platform. Only those professional or military folks have been able to shoot each other in real time. Until now. Matrix Forums user musurca has released IKE, a way to play PBEM CMO in a really awesome way. Let’s dig into it and see how it works.

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Command : Modern Operations : Sahel Slugfest Start

This tutorial will cover my initial process any time I play a Command : Modern Operations scenario. In this case it is the CMO:LIVE scenario Sahel Slugfest. In this scenario I play as a combined Sudanese-Chinese task force that must destroy Chadian-French forces. It offers a wide variety of unique Chinese aircraft and a not oft played theater. Spoiler warnings if you click more, I’ll be showing off the Chinese side.

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Command : Modern Operations – Birth of a Scenario Part 2

Sweden. 1990. It’s been two weeks since the Soviet Union invaded Germany. The world holds its breath as it wonders who will use nuclear weapons first. West of Fulda the US 1st Armored Division halted the advancing Soviet Guards Divisions with incredible losses. The 82nd Airborne in coordination with the British Parachute Regiment have, against all odds, held northern Denmark.

The Soviets, needing to knock out Norway and Denmark, look to open a new front.

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