Command Modern Air Naval Operations : LUA Waypoints

Today’s Lua repository is covering a relatively simple, but infinitely useful waypoint method. You have to manually path your strike missions and this can lead to some comedy when you forget a plane and it flies over some MANPAD’s. Or maybe you want the OPFOR to act sneaky and fly a strike mission between some mountains? So today we’ll cover to how to use Lua to set a course for your aircraft!

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Command Modern Air Naval Operations : Custom Overlays & Campaign Overlays

This has been superseded by the instructions here : as GMAPS is not really available.

Out of the box CMANO uses a map set known as SRTM 30 Plus. This is an open repository from the USGS with tiled data from across the globe. It’s great for CMANO on a macro scale, but what if we want to get right in and see individual target points? What if we want to do it on existing campaign scenarios? Luckily it’s not too hard! A caveat, this won’t work for the standalone versions, you need the full version of CMANO with the editor.

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Command Modern Air Naval Operations : Lua Repository #4 Random Traffic

Every so often you meet a script that’s beautiful. My first script moment was when I saw the differential equation for a moon shot rocket as it loses fuel, gravity drops, velocity rises, and… well you get the idea. The below script, courtesy of Apache85, is a script like that. This wonderful bit of poetic code generates random merchant traffic within a set area and assigns it to a mission. I’ll get into more of it after the break, but if you want to bring biologics, fishing boats, aircraft, or whatever to your scenarios, check it out!

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Command Modern Air Naval Operations : Lua Repository #3 – Weather

Weather in CMANO is one of those things you don’t think about until suddenly you can’t attack a target. Then you realize that the world is alive below you. As a scenario designer it’s one of those things that can really fill out your scenario and bring it to life. We’ll explore a few simple methods to give both random weather and one neat trick to make scheduled weather that saves you from making dozens of triggers!

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Command Modern Air Naval Operations : Lua Repository 2

This is another entry in my Lua Repository for CMANO. (Find the first one here) I have a large and ungainly notepad++ document with notes, ideas, scribbles, and even a bit of Lua. To start with we’ll run down what I currently have, later we’ll look at other functions from the list and make some other examples. If you’d like to see a particular script feel free to ask in the comments and I can see what I can do!

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Command Modern Air Naval Operations : LUA Code Repository #1

This is where I’ll be documenting each and every Lua script that I’m using for both my own simulations and for the Hired Goons LP. Most of these are shamelessly used and when applicable I’ll try to attribute the original author. Though in some cases it’s just a script off of Discord or the Matrix Forums. Eventually I’d like to have a functional example for each and every function in CMANO. For starters you can find every CMANO function at . Most everything works as is posted at the Github site, but some things don’t. Hence my idea to have a working script repository.

Also, do things one step at a time. First prove out the easy things, adding a unit, assigning a mission, then progress to harder stuff, looping through assignments, setting positions. That way when you encounter a problem you aren’t trying to digest it all. How do you eat a cake? One bite at a time.

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