How’s it Going Second Front?

Second Front has a very fluid and open design process that is well displayed on the Microprose Discord channel. If you’re not using it, well, I’d really recommend it. Every few days Jo, the developer, posts some screenshots or a gif, or some other little tidbit. Check out below for a collection of his most recent hits. I’m really excited for this one, he looks to have combined the right aspects with a UI that is spot on. Grog devs take note.

The art design of the game has a really nice theme that meshes well with the style of the game without drifting into rivet counting land. The iconic vehicles are noticeable enough without being fetishized. Yes, I’m looking at you King Tiger.

Though even better is how the simplicity is retained in actual game play. Note, all of these photos are from the last few months. As development is still ongoing I would expect this to change.

The scale is variable, notice our hot and heavy city fighting?

Now lets step back and take in the whole works. This whole set up just looks amazing. Crisp. Clear. Well laid out. I just hope that my expectations are not too high as I’ve seen awesome marketing that ended up playing like a turd sandwich. But in this case the development has been very clear, the dev very forthcoming, and I’m really excited.

It rather reminds me of a well laid out ASL scenario brief.

Speaking of unusual tanks, look at this beauty. How many games give you a T35? In regards to the clicking required to fire all of the different weapons…

The sheer scope of the game so far has me very hopeful.

I’m usually not a zoom in and watch the tiny details player, but it does show a good attention to detail that bodes well.

Notice that the Sherman, beyond wearing a Santa hat, leaves tracks on the grass hex but not on the road hex.

The player is able to shoot, and move through, the green passenger cars.

Not only does this show a very destructible environment but the map editor is highlighted on the side. A quality map editor paired with Steam Workshop support will be amazing. I’ve used a few map editors that were beyond horrible, this one looks pretty great.

This gif illustrates how easy it is to paint terrains.

Should you want more of this sort of goodness straight from the source, head over to the Microprose Discord and check it out. If you’re not a Discord kind of person then keep an eye here as I’ll periodically post exciting tidbits. You can also check it out over on Steam.

The big question is when? Some of his latest posts mentioned a tutorial so I’d like to think the rest of the game must be pretty far along if they are devoting resources to a tutorial. Until we hear more I’ll be eagerly waiting along with everyone else.

Note, The Administrator is not, in fact, the administrator but a very excited fan.

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