Weapons Release : A New Hope

Back in 2017 I set started TheStrategyGamer as a gaming blog to cover some more niche games and offer guides that the average game site doesn’t touch. Even today my tutorials on Gary Grigsby’s games are the top hits. Fast Forward a few years and I want to differentiate myself from the generic name I once picked.

There is a Discourse forum located at forums.weaponsrelease.com that will help to tie together the blog front end with the forum back end. Now you can comment and discuss without me having to maintain two properties. This also makes for a more organic discussion instead of me randomly answering questions in the comments section.

So what is ahead for the future? There is a whole slate of games coming out in ’21 that look pretty awesome. Combat Mission has quarterly Steam releases, that in itself is huge. Beyond that is a plethora of potential Microprose titles. I grew up and cut my grog teeth on Microprose games and eagerly await more titles. It has yet to be seen what the end result will be but for now I’m hopeful.

War in the East 2 (!) is likely to come out this year as well. Slitherine/Matrix has a nest of products waiting in the shadows to pounce at any moment. There is also the chance of Ultimate Admiral : Dreadnoughts as an excellent competitor for Rule the Waves. But we’ll have to see how the years shakes out.

John Tiller, not to be outdone, has upped the potential unit count in case your wrist surgeon needs a new Porsche. But seriously the Scheldt pack is amazingly well researched and highlights a great deal of potential the engine, just not on the huge scale.

I’ve neglected my tabletop readers so I’m working to get back to that. Lately I’ve played Terraforming Mars, Root, and Wingspan. No Retreat (The Russian Front) has been on deck but I haven’t had an opportunity to find an opponent.

Also on deck is more tutorials for grog games. On top of that is some basic Lets Plays and walkthroughs. A reader asked if I could do a CMO Live scenario and just walk through how I analyze things and set up my initial decisions. I thought this was a great question and will be digging into that for both CMO and also Command Ops 2.

If you’d like to see something more please let me know!

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  1. Markojager

    Great to see you back for the blog. It was missed.

    • Yooper

      Thanks Marko!

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