Graviteam Tactics : How to Use Artillery

Artillery is key in Graviteam Tactics Mius Front and this guide will show you exactly how to call it in.

Graviteam Tactics Mius Front is, once you get past the UI, a really great game. Unfortunately the manual is lacking so it becomes extra difficult to track down things like calling artillery. We’ll go through it, in a few pictures, and break down exactly what you need to do. There’s not much to it. You’ll be calling down Nebelwerfers (or Stalin Organs) in no time short.

In Campaign mode you have to allocate some resources to each unit before the tactical layer starts. Unfortunately it’s easy to go into combat without even knowing about these options. Basically each unit can opt to get a special add on. In the case of infantry it might be Anti-Tank focus or Anti-Infantry which gives an AT gun or heavy machine gun. For armor it might be a scout car. For commanders though it’s Reinf Support which gives you an artillery spotter.

Ah hah!

First off right-click on the command unit of your choice. I have NATO counters enabled, so for this example it’s the blank flags. This will open up the unit roster.

Now we see 6th Coy command, if you can attach units you’ll see a PLUS sign where my arrow is pointing. In our case I’ve already selected REINF SUPPORT.

Select Reinf. Support and you will get off-map artillery of some sort attached to your HQ through an artillery spotter. Now you could have also specified Anti-tank or Anti-personnel. One gives an AT gun while the other gives machine guns.

When the battle begins deploy your forces and then look for this guy. He’s your spotter. Stick him somewhere with a good view but not on the front lines.

Once you begin and are in the initial orders phase you’ll see some blue circles. First is the time to call the barrage and second is the diameter of error. The further away, the higher the error. Or if you change target points, the error goes way up. But don’t worry! This can get better.

Notice each point is listed above, the bottom has an accuracy of 350 meters. Ouch! You can also select ammunition type too. But notice the adjustment fire button. Initially you drop a few rounds and sight it in. Each time you’ll see the accuracy get tighter and tighter. Finally you can increase how many rounds you’ll drop and really hammer away at the target.

To move your artillery location just right-click on the blue circle and right click where the bad people are.

That’s not too bad now is it? Artillery is absolutely key in Graviteam, you’ll watch hostiles literally melt before your eyes. And sometimes you’ll watch your troops melt under a barrage too…

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  1. Marko

    Nice guide, this system of preprogrammed arty points is really great and gives a good feeling to the game.

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