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Welcome to the 2018 wiki fill up contest!

Users can enter the contest by contributing to the wiki during that time span. Various edits give raffle tickets; the more tickets one amasses, the more likely one is to win. Fixed prize is also given out to the top contributors by number of tickets.

Prize #1 : $25 Steam Gift Card
Prize #2 : $10 Steam Gift Card
Prize #3 : 1:72 scale F-35 Model Kit
Prize #4 : A copy of [Jane's Fighting Something]

The contest will run from April 5th to May 15th. (Longer if necessary) Winners will be announced on the Matrix CMANO Forum Thread. So please check there! Your login email is not visible on this wiki.


  • You must be registered above so we can track your participation.
  • Participation will be tracked in bytes. Total bytes for the contest will be divided by your bytes to determine tickets.
  • Content must be your own. Content that is not your own must be linked and cited.
  • Please follow the style guidelines for entries.
  • If you live in Lower Obfustistan, or some other ridiculously far backwater, and I cannot you ship you your prize then we will work out a compromise. I've mailed fruit cake to Russia so I'm sure we can figure this out.


  • Strategy guides for systems like submarines or sead are worth double points.
  • Strategy guides for popular scenarios and campaigns are worth triple points.
  • Updating and adding to pages on game mechanics is worth quadruple points.